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I have finally escaped Samsara and have gone on to be reborn into Bliss. Almost. :)

Alcoholism is not just for adults. These 7 episodes reflect only a small glimpse into my alcoholic past as a kid; Episodes of drunken debauchery or alcoholic misconduct that jumped into my head as soon as I began writing after a friend tagged me for a “7 Things About Me” meme. These are by no means my worst drunkenly imbibed feats of idiocy, just the ones I feel I can safely share without too much of a backlash on my self-esteem or emails from irate parents. [Resources for kids who may be alcoholic follow the 7 episodes. Parents, if you have a potential alcoholic child in your household, I would encourage you to read this together with the emphasis being that if *I* can recover, so can anyone.]

What people think of me is none of my business. I want to, in tandem with episodes from my life, show how this philosophy gets reconciled with truth, peace, spiritual growth and integrity. And furthermore, how anyone can achieve this impeccable ideal. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of crazy-makers, gossip-mongerers, chaos junkies, and provocateurs of drama triangles. Learn to quit being a victim of other peoples’ words. [Hints and specific instructions included.]

The Law of Attraction is a buzz word these days isn’t it? So is the book name, The Secret. And although I have vaguely discussed how this seemingly relatively new and popular theosophy has come into being, I have also discussed and shared that The Secret was by no means the first to introduce the concept of metaphysical attraction or the Law of Attraction, or attracting abundance, or whatever new meme-speak you want to call it.

There are other ways to stop drinking besides Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous has no monopoly on sobriety, even though the [outside issue of] Courts sentencing people to A.A. meetings is becoming more and more common. Alcoholics Anonymous, through the 12 Traditons, neither endorses nor opposes any cause and that includes other ways to get or stay sober as well as Court mandated meetings. Along this same vein, belies the idea that A.A. is the only path to sobriety. This is not true. And every A.A. member who is “practicing these principles in all their affairs” will tell you the same thing. This article will address some fundamental questions and hopefully dispel some misconceptions, as well as offer my own experience, strength, and hope along with other resources for different avenues to sobriety. So yes. A person can stop drinking without Alcoholics Anonymous; it is but one path.

Reconstructing Rick, with a byline reading “An Addict Trying to Recover” is a blog told from the mind of a newly recovering drug addict who’s been through the trenches of hell itself and has managed to escape. When drugs, sexual exploitation, street living, and prostitution is what you’ve known for so many years, Rick offers what it’s like to learn a different way of life. His is yet another journey within Samsara. Follow his journey. I am.

Do you have a loved one or relative who drinks? This is a memoir of what I went through.

Because of my own battles with alcoholism, I was finally able to love my relative completely and wholly without expecting her to stop drinking. Because I found a solution for my problem, it also helped me to find a solution for “life’s problem.” I am so grateful I did have a second chance at life because it got me to a place of accepting my beloved’s illness along with accepting her. I credit this acceptance with my Codependent recovery after I got sober - that I never could have understood UNTIL I got sober.

If you don’t have a drinking problem, I can still offer you some resources - for YOU - if you have a relative or loved one who drinks.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are for alcoholics. Increasingly, though, more and more addicts-only as well as the dual-addicted person is showing up to meetings.

How does A.A. address this? Does A.A. address this? Are “addicts only” welcome? Is it conducive to the group purpose to introduce yourself as an addict or alcoholic/addict? How about if you have no problem with alcohol? Can A.A. still help you? And who enforces the Traditions anyway? These are questions I hope to answer with extensive clarity.

Do you or have you spent a large portion of your life insuring that people like you? Have you bent over backwards for people you may not even know, only to try to get them to like you? Do you or have you ever extensively worried whether someone likes you or not? If you seem to find yourself in a never-ending circle of not feeling good [or not liking yourself due to] caring too much about other peoples’ opinions or you seem to be the walking low self-esteemer then read this article that focuses on the 2nd Agreement: “Do not Take Anything Personally” from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements. You can escape this cycle. If I could then anyone can.

Hopefully this article can delve a little into how we can make some perception shifts and small changes so that our *insensitive* world either does not seem so insensitive or, even better, that we begin to not notice the insensitivity! When we truly do honor who we are, the opinions of other people do not matter! So getting to this self-acceptance seems to be the key doesn’t it? How do we that? Hopefully this article will give us that solution. This article is especially geared for the HSP’s or multisensories but can help anyone who feels *more different or odd* than the *normals* of the world.

How often I was at the whim of the world, constantly waiting for permission to take care of myself…But now today, after having developed my voice and after readjusting my priorities to putting my spiritual growth as a priority over societal expectations, I notice just how many people are seemingly comfortable with the dis-ease that says, “We do have power over other people.” Is it any wonder why alcoholism, codependency, emotional and mental illness is growing now increasingly more common? (How many pills can big pharma really invent before we begin to notice the larger picture? it’s not us! it’s *societal dis-ease*!) From shaming and blaming techniques to manipulation and steamrolling tactics with “shoulding you* over what you *shoulda* done. Who are the few chosen to stand up in the face of this worldly dis-ease? If you choose to be one, I will stand with you as I share *my* stories and *my* experience, strength and hope. You are not alone. So take care of yourself. You ARE the most important person. [This is one of my longer articles but I hope it brings something of value to you.]

What do rumors and gossip have to do with the truth? What if the rumor or the gossip is based in truth? What if the rumor is true altogether? Is it then okay to continue gossiping or relaying the rumor?

After several messages of friends online asking “How do I help an alcoholic friend stop drinking?” I knew, then, I needed to do something. Therefore I am going to offer some easy points. But before you take off with these points, I am sure to have some Al-Anons or Codependents who’ve arrived at this page and their mouths may be agape with the thought, “I knew it! I knew it was possible! I knew I could get him to stop drinking! They never told me this in Al-Anon!” Well. There is a little more to it than that. :)

Manifesting into Physical Existence. Four Basic Metaphysical Lessons in Learning how to Manifest your Life. Manifesting items into physical existence as a topic for an article is easier to swallow for practitioners and students of metaphysical spirituality or metaphysical and gnostic christianity. For others, this article will be a waste of time. I implore those who may have found this article by “accident” or to answer some questions, approach this with an open mind. Your life will change 180* [I swear on everything holy] if you simply apply these four principles. Even if you’re spiritually evolving at this moment, take any challenging situation, apply these principles in tandem with your prayer [or petition or spiritual treatment] and you WILL get results. I dare you to begin applying them.

I think we associate ‘No’ with negative as in negative feelings and negative consequences. I know I used to. As a child, being told ‘No” was usually accompanied by a look or a tone. As a result, I think I grew up thinking No was just ‘bad.’ As a further extension of this, I avoided saying it - ever. I would go so far as to end relationships in secrecy so I wouldn’t have to say No. I don’t know what I thought would happen - that the world would end?

This is the month of Leo. Enjoy browsing facts, images, painting, and art on things having to do with the August Leo. Learn what the element of Leo is as well as the planet of Leo and the ruler of Leo! Learn a little history or myth of how the constellation got to be where it is and what the glyph could possibly be! Explore Samsara’s adapted art and animations and feel free to take anything you like! This is the month for Leo and in this spirit of my birthday being August 09th, I wish YOU a wonderful month of August! Happy birthday to me and all Leo’s!

The Law of Attraction is not new. Contrary to the pop culture at the moment with the introduction of a now popular book, this concept is more than thousands of years old. Although I’ll eventually get to that, I wanted this article to show how very simple manifesting our reality into existence really is. Yes simple. Though, if you’ve read any of my other articles you’ll see it’s not always so easy to apply. But read this article for yourself to start with and later I’ll address issues surrounding application of the principles that I’ve run into [and maybe you have too?] and under no circumstances do not ever purchase anything you cannot afford that promises abundance. They can no more promise your successful application than I can. But I promise to help you do your best - at no cost.

[Part 2/2 : Ecclesiastical Christianity vs Jesus of Nazareth] “Gnostic: 1. Relating to knowledge, esp., esoteric mystical knowledge. 2. Concerning the Gnostics. A Christian heretic of the 1st-3rd century claiming mystical knowledge.” I am a heretic because I refute claims of orthodox doctrine from probably any church in existence today. And I’m not alone - Jesus was a heretic too.

[Part 1/2 : Ecclesiastical Christianity vs Jesus of Nazareth] There really was a meeting a long time ago about 325 AD. A bunch of men got together to “decide” what was Jesus’ true nature? How should we take him? So then they made some rules. I am not making this up. This is Christendom. So in 2007, I wonder where is the true Jesus in any of it? Where is Jesus in so-called “Christianity?” I sweated over this on Easter.

Have you ever manifested something into existence? Do you even think it’s possible? I know it to be true, at least for me, because I have led a life of such occurences. Surprisingly my most recent accomplished manifestation was something I’d needed for two years and not yet worked on. I finally got to work after writing the “Karmic Manifesto of 2007.”

Mar 2007
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Getting listed with Blog Directories or a Directory of any kind seems like a good idea. So here is a list of the blog directories I’m listed with. If you have a suggestion of a blog directory that has sent you traffic, or one you belong to, leave a note.

‘Controlling codependent bitch’ was a term that showed up in my internet logs last night as a search. I feel the person’s pain who made that search. Sick of being controlled and manipulated by people in our lives until we’re overwraught ourselves to the breaking point. This article is an example of me being put to the test.

Mar 2007

What does this statement mean and should we be striving for peace as heavily as we do? Is there something that we’re overlooking first? With the USA on fire with political divisiveness I can’t help but think: While one side scrambles to make sense from nonsense, is the other side begging for peace at all costs? I wonder if something may be getting overlooked.

Through non-violence Gandhi led a nation to independence. He said “The science of war leads one to dictatorship, pure and simple. The science of non- violence alone can lead one to pure democracy…The states that are today nominally democratic have either to become frankly totalitarian or, if they are to become truly democratic, they must become courageously non-violent.” March 19th will mark the 4 year anniversary of the U.S. being in Iraq.

“So on March 05 2007 when I surprised my beloved in telling him I was hitting the sack at 9:30 pm due to exhaustion I knew there was something to it. In bed I recounted where I would be at 9:30pm on March 05 2005.” Whether you believe in cellular memory, refeeling of past events, or consider yourself HSP, I wonder if this is Universal Karmic law at work, or reserved soley for those of us who are of the empathic or higher crown chakra temperament.

Feb 2007
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I’m done with Alcoholics Anonymous groups as a whole. I still go to private meetings who observe the Traditions and make it a point to do so but the last few public meetings I have been to haven’t felt okay with me. I’ve decided I am tired of constantly fighting for something I believe in while holding out my empty bucket waiting for it to get filled. I’ve left the sickness behind and my bucket is practically overflowing.

This is a true account of a “sleep experience” I had with entities I call demons a little over ten years ago. At the time I didn’t know much of anything about Astral realms, parallel dimensions or out of body experiences. Regardless of whether it was simply a vivid dream or a real merging with an unfamiliar realm, today it is still the scariest sleep experience I have ever had.

Do you know what it means to be an HSP? Have you ever had vivid dreams, foretold the future, or experienced any sort of paranormal activity on a regular basis? Are you highly empathic and are certain people drawn to you? Have you always sought to find a higher spiritual meaning, even sometimes fighting the calling simultaneously? You may be chosen. Would you listen if you were?

An astral experience a few nights ago had a dark presence looming about my bed. I don’t know where it came from, how it got there or why. Maybe it was my imagination but I am interested in others’ experiences. I have sensed these dark presences before in the astral plane and have even read about them. Have you had any or studied anything about them? Please share it with me.

I want to reprint my thoughts on the difference between spirituality and religion. Here’s one way I’ve heard the difference phrased: “Religion is for people scared of going to hell. Spirituality is had by those who have been there.” I’d never been scared of going to hell so when I found myself there and escaped again, spirituality became my daily driving force. Not out of fear of going back to hell but out of love for what little heaven my life had started becoming.

Jan 2007

Happy New Year 2007! Do you have new resolutions? I do. Never have before. So what if I fall short? I’m going to, as long as I reside a human body on earth, expect to fall short. This won’t mean I’ll stop striving. A la A.A. Big Book, “We are not saints. The point is we are willing to grow…” With that said: My New Year’s Resolutions are…

Given that I seem to offer plenty of book reviews I imagine it feels like it would make sense to compile it into a bookstore. Spirituality, Metaphysical spirituality, Law of Attraction, metaphysical concepts, codependent recovery, Highly Sensitive Person books, relationship health, INFP personality type books, Jesus of Nazareth teachings as well as Gnostic Christianity.

Nov 2006
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Dreams telling the future have been around for centuries. But has it ever happened to you? It’s happened to me. In fact, today I am precisely where I am on a human path as a direct result of a series of dreams I would have. As unbelieveable and unfathomable as this story may sound, it’s left me with more questions than answers. I will be dedicating a new section to Dreams since they’ve been and continue to be such a large part of my life. I used to keep them well-hidden but for a few close friends. Now I’ll be sharing them out loud.

Finally, the last installment of a 7 part series. Wrapping up and continuing to practice how to more effectively communicate with impeccable language. Inspired by The Four Agreements as it meets Codependent recovery principles I hope that this can bring it together. If not, let me know. I want to see how this Series thing goes. Feedback, particularly here is appreciated!

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