Astral Dream Dark Presence

Before you all go thinking I went bonkers let me offer fair warning in my first post on dreams. I did say I would have a section devoted to dreams and would be exploring mine. I haven’t kept a dream journal for the longest time and now this outlet will be my venue. If you have this perception of me that I’m grounded and soothing and healthy, well this next post may disturb that thought so let me offer you the chance to go elsewhere now.


astral projection plus a dark presence

The night of Saturday January 20th is when this darkness would occur. I’d not had dark astral dreams since I quit drinking. This was by far the most insidious and relentless. I was sleeping. I “awoke.” Bear with me here.

A black mist. Not the black mist in movies but a dark, dense something I could feel more so than see – but could see as well as it hovered to the left of me in my bed. I was on my stomach physically – because that’s how I sleep. Astrally however, I was on my stomach threatening to float out the window when I noticed this thing.

I became frightened. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t talk when I am in astral world although I try when I am frightened. I remember trying to scream for my beloved to wake me up. I remember that the dark presence was then above me and slightly skewed to the left – almost as if it was saying I couldn’t astral out that way either.

I remember continually trying to come back into my body and into my beloved’s “sleep space”, who sleeps to the right of me. Somehow I had it figured I needed to be close to someone because this thing was threatening me. It felt as if the entire ordeal lasted anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours.

The next night I finally asked my beloved if he’d noticed anything weird with me. Hadn’t he heard me screaming for him? He, of course said no but did claim that I was in the center of the bed with him to the edge. Which offered proof to me that I was making my way toward his sleep space when the astral boogeyman was out to get me.

My beloved, always the one to bring a grounding to a situation said, “You tell him that we have a dreamcatcher over this bed and a crucifix above this bed.”

2 thoughts on “Astral Dream Dark Presence

  1. jasmine September 18, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    i to have had these experiences from a young age. Last night while watching a show based on haunted places, (which i didnt find scary) half of them seem staged, anyways i kept drifting in and out of sleep, but while doing so i heard noises that seemed related to the place being shown. yet when i would open my eyes i heard no such noises on the show.. afterwards and watching some music shows etc to clear my head, i started drifting off to sleep, cuddling in to my partners back. i felt myself walking into some dark place, im not sure of the location, but i realized there was danger ahead.. upon making this realization something had its hand over my mouth in my bedroom standing behind me, and starting suffocating me, and pulling me backwards off the bed…
    i could not breathe, i started crying out, and felt myself kick my partner under the sheets because i could not breath, so i needed his attention.. when i awoke i could not breathe, and hid under the blankets for several minutes. not one bad dream in my life has ever made me call out for help or act this way, and the rest of the night when i shut my eyes i kept having nightmares where i couldnt tell if i was there or here, my tv switched off when i was thinking “please dont turn off yet im not ready to go to sleep” and then not long afterwards a strange orange colour light in my hall, but no other car or house lights would or could have made this colour.. i could not sleep all night, fearing a presence coming back, and i was so white and my legs were so weak i could barely stand up..

    the dream or whatever it was , was so real that i thought that there was a real person in the room attacking me.

    normally i might put it down to just a bad dream, but not long before my sleep i was talking about wanting to be a parapsychologist.. as ive tapped into many things before, usually foreseeing dreams of future events, however minor, then them occuring not long afterwards.. its like a dream foreseeing gift i have, but its random as to when it occurs.

    my partner said maybe you should be careful what you wish for? was something giving me a taste of what its like to experience the paranormal.. was something playing with me?

    i have had a few experiences of something trying to choke me, or contact, or heard voices etc in rooms i believe to have some kind of presence…. however none this bad..
    i know i have certain abilities, but i try not to tap into them..

    i do believe some of us travel to somewhere in the dream world, but in this case it felt like it came back with me, and wasnt meant to.
    i try to look at these things from a scientific point of view, but it was to real, and my dreams of future events have def come true everytime, so i cant help but wonder if i stepped into a different kind of dream, one in a place i shouldnt have gone into… and found something that wanted to torment or hurt me.

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