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Feb 2007
Fair Ads Network
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sign up for the fair advertising network. hurry because space is limited to less than 7500 people so far.The Fair Ads Network is a new pre-launch contextual advertising network currently reserved for the next 7500 or so people who can get to it to sign up. Similar to Google’s AdSense and AdWords if the term “contextual advertising” is almost unfamiliar to you.

FAN boasts of no accusations of click fraud due to a “sophisticated GeoIp and session technology” as well as FAN publishers earning a potential at 60% of all clickthroughs. Publishers can also choose their method of delivery: Text, images, flash, and interstitial. The choices seem endless and the benefits seem aplenty. There is so much more - but these were a few that stuck out.

So hurry if one of the following is true - because you have absolutely nothing to lose since it’s free to sign up and takes less than 30 seconds.

  • If you are a website publisher, blogger, or webmaster in charge of content and want to make money from your website or blog.?
  • If you are an advertiser and want traffic. {Even Adult Advertisers can participate.}
  • If you are both.

I was so impressed with this new network I signed up in less than 5 minutes after reading the Terms of Service and the F.A.Q. The only thing I did not like was something that perhaps Google’s AdSense even has but I have never had a need to read that fine print since AdSense has always been the sole way I have monetized my sites. In the TOS it states that for each webpage there can be no competing Ad Networks running them. [But that it has nothing against utilizing - for example - AdSense or another network - on another page on the same site.]

I do not quite know how I will test this yet as I have grown fond of Google AdSense but I do know that I will somehow make it work - at least to test the income potentials between the two. I’ll be sure to report back once it gets underway.

As thanks for letting me refer you I’ll design an ad for you.

[Email me your preferred background color and size after you sign up.]

Sign up for the Fair Ad Network

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