Spiritual Growth Introduction

Since I seem to have gotten my spirituality back after much struggling from the past year, I have decided to make a new category with the hope I’ll have opportunities to notice more growth.

Updated April 17, 2006 

To see when and what I had to go through to get it back, as well as what precisely happened for me to lose it, see the post “Stop and Feel the Fear.”

I hope it can speak to those who may be in a spiritually bankrupt place right now. I blogged about it for the primary reason to enable people to see that freedom is always available no matter how blind or lost you may feel. Believe me. Believe me when I say I have been to the dark pit of Hell. I was there when I was drinking, and again this recently while sober. Drunk or sober, my spiritual nourishment is what will decide my level of peace within it’s just ironic that while drunk I wouldn’t feel the pain this acutely so it took me longer to get back to god.

It is my belief that god [as you understand god to be, whether that’s “g-d” to my Jewish friends, “God” to my Christian friends, “Allah” to my Muslim friends, “Spirit” to my Native American friends, “Universe” to my New Age friends, “Consciousness” to my Buddhist friends, or whatever your definition of any power that can restore you to full light is] is always available for when you are ready to release the pain. It is also my belief that because we humans are quite self-sufficient, that often we do have to get to a particularly painful place before we can come to god, humbly, and in the spirit of complete willingness to allow that light back in.

Hope to see you in the light.

One thought on “Spiritual Growth Introduction

  1. Mon May 2, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    I know this is an old post, but I’ll be checking back in this area. I’m at this spot myself. I don’t have any faith. I don’t believe a lot of the stuff people try to force on you. In my journy to find my own spirituality, the only thing that has spoken to me thus far, is budhism. Mainly because I feel that a lot of what happens in your life, is up to you.

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